Shark Evo One 2 : Unleash Your Inner Adventurer



Shark Evo One 2 is a versatile modular motorcycle helmet designed for maximum comfort and safety. With its innovative features and sleek design, it offers riders unparalleled protection and style.


Whether commuting in the city or cruising on the open road, the Shark Evo One 2 is the ideal choice for riders looking for performance and functionality in one helmet. This helmet is designed for riders who demand the best in terms of safety, comfort, and style.


We will explore the key features and benefits of the Shark Evo One 2 helmet, helping you make an informed decision for your next ride.


Shark Evo One 2  : Unleash Your Inner Adventurer


The Evolution Of Shark Evo One 2

Shark Evo One 2 is a true testament to innovative helmet design.

This next generation helmet combines style, safety, and functionality.

Let’s delve into the evolution that led to the Shark Evo One 2.

Introduction To The Shark Evo One 2

Shark Evo One 2 is a revolutionary modular helmet built for versatility.

It allows for quick conversion from a full-face to an open-face helmet.

The helmet features a lightweight yet durable construction for optimal comfort.

Key Features Of The Shark Evo One 2

  • Modular Design: Easily switch between full-face and open-face configurations.
  • Pinlock Ready: Offers clear vision and anti-fog capabilities.
  • Dual Homologation: Certified for both full-face and open-face riding.
  • Chin Bar Mechanism: Effortless one-hand operation for convenience.


Shark Evo One 2  : Unleash Your Inner Adventurer


Unveiling The Design


Unveiling the sleek and innovative design of the Shark Evo One 2 helmet, the unique modular system combines comfort and safety, perfect for riders seeking a stylish and functional option. Its streamlined aerodynamics and convenient features make it a standout choice for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for top-tier quality and performance.

Sleek And Aerodynamic Shell

The Shark Evo One 2 boasts a sleek and aerodynamic shell design that enhances both style and performance.

Transformable Chin Bar

The transformable chin bar of the Shark Evo One 2 provides versatility for riders seeking adaptability in various riding conditions.

Comfort And Convenience

When it comes to motorcycle helmets, the Shark Evo One 2 stands out for its exceptional focus on comfort and convenience. Whether you’re cruising through the city or embarking on a long ride, this helmet is designed to provide a superior experience for the rider. Let’s explore its impressive features that make it a top choice for comfort and convenience.

Adjustable Vents For Climate Control

The Shark Evo One 2 is equipped with innovative adjustable vents, allowing riders to customize the airflow within the helmet. This feature enables riders to stay cool during warm weather and sealed from wind and rain during chilly conditions. It ensures optimal comfort regardless of the climate, making it an ideal choice for long rides across various terrains.

Plush Interior For Long Rides

For extended journeys, the plush interior of the Shark Evo One 2 offers unparalleled comfort. The helmet’s interior is crafted with high-quality materials to provide a luxurious feel, preventing discomfort and fatigue during prolonged rides. Its ergonomically designed interior is padded to mitigate pressure points, enhancing the overall riding experience.

Safety First

Protecting yourself while riding a motorcycle is of utmost importance. One of the key components that contribute to a rider’s safety is a reliable helmet. The Shark Evo One 2 is a top-of-the-line helmet that prioritizes safety without compromising style and comfort. With its advanced features and innovative technology, this helmet ensures enhanced impact protection for riders.

Enhanced Impact Protection

When it comes to protecting your head, the Shark Evo One 2 goes above and beyond industry standards. This helmet is built with a high-quality shell that utilizes a multi-composite fiber construction. This combination of materials provides maximum strength and durability, absorbing impact energy and reducing the risk of serious head injuries.

In addition to its sturdy construction, the Evo One 2 features a multi-density EPS liner. This liner is strategically designed to absorb and disperse impact forces, protecting your head from sudden impacts. Whether you’re riding in the city or going on long-distance journeys, this helmet ensures your safety.

Intelligent Shield System

Visibility is crucial while riding, especially in different weather conditions. The Shark Evo One 2 is equipped with an Intelligent Shield System, which enhances your field of vision and ensures clearer visibility. The helmet’s anti-scratch and anti-fog properties eliminate distractions caused by lens damage or foggy conditions, allowing you to focus solely on the road ahead.

This shield system also includes an integrated sun visor, which can be easily operated with a single hand. This feature provides additional protection against glare, ensuring a safer ride regardless of the sun’s position in the sky. With the Shark Evo One 2, you can navigate any lighting conditions with ease and confidence.

Technological Integration

The Shark Evo One 2 is not just a regular helmet, it is a marvel of technological integration. With its advanced features and seamless integration with various innovative systems, this helmet takes your riding experience to a whole new level.

Bluetooth Communication System

The Shark Evo One 2 is equipped with a state-of-the-art Bluetooth communication system that allows you to stay connected on the road. With this feature, you can easily make calls, listen to music, and communicate with fellow riders without the need for any additional devices.

Whether you are on a long adventure or commuting to work, the Shark Evo One 2’s Bluetooth communication system ensures that you have a hassle-free and enjoyable journey. With just a few simple commands, you can control your phone or music device, all while keeping your hands safely on the handlebars.

Integration With Sharktooth

One of the standout features of the Shark Evo One 2 is its seamless integration with the Sharktooth system. Sharktooth is a communication system specifically designed for Shark helmets, and when combined with the Evo One 2, it takes communication to a whole new level.

With the Sharktooth system, you can easily connect with other riders in your group, providing a smooth and efficient way to keep in touch. Whether you need to coordinate a meet-up point or simply chat about the breathtaking scenery along the way, the integration with Sharktooth ensures that you can do so with ease.

Additionally, the Sharktooth system allows you to access GPS navigation and receive important notifications without the need to look at your phone. This hands-free system enhances both your safety and convenience while on the road.

In conclusion, the Shark Evo One 2 offers unparalleled technological integration through its Bluetooth communication system and integration with the Sharktooth system. These features not only enhance your riding experience but also prioritize your safety and convenience. With the Shark Evo One 2, you can stay connected and enjoy a seamless journey every time you hit the road.

Exploring User Experience

The Shark Evo One 2 is designed to provide an exceptional user experience, blending style, comfort, and functionality. Let’s delve into its user-focused features and the feedback it has garnered from riders.

Rider-focused Functionality

The Shark Evo One 2 boasts innovative features to enhance the overall riding experience. Its easy-to-use chin bar mechanism allows for seamless transformation from a full-face helmet to an open-face helmet, providing convenience for riders who require versatility during their journeys. Additionally, the Pinlock visor ensures optimal visibility in varying weather conditions, giving riders a clear view of the road ahead. The ergonomic design and ventilation system contribute to comfort, making long rides more enjoyable for users.

User Feedback And Reviews

User feedback and reviews for the Shark Evo One 2 highlight its exceptional build quality and functionality. Riders praise its ease of use and the seamless transition between the full-face and open-face configurations. Additionally, the helmet’s ventilation system is commended for providing adequate airflow, contributing to a comfortable riding experience even in hot weather. These promising reviews testify to the Shark Evo One 2’s success in meeting the diverse needs of riders.

Unleashing Your Inner Adventurer

Embracing Versatility

Experience the Shark Evo One 2 helmet, a true companion for versatile riders.

Inspiring The Spirit Of Adventure

Unleash your inner thrill-seeker with the Shark Evo One 2, igniting your passion for exploration.


Shark Evo One 2  : Unleash Your Inner Adventurer


Conclusion: Embrace The Evolution

Revolutionizing The Riding Experience

Experience the thrill of the Shark Evo One 2 helmet, a revolutionary gear that enhances safety and comfort. Perfect for riders seeking top-tier performance.

Embodying The Adventurous Soul

Unlock your potential with a helmet that embraces the spirit of adventure in each ride. Feel the freedom and excitement it brings.

Frequently Asked Questions For Shark Evo One 2


What Are The Key Features Of The Shark Evo One 2?


The Shark Evo One 2 helmet features a dual homologation for use as both a full-face and open-face helmet. It also has an auto-up and auto-down system for the visor, a Pinlock MaxVision insert, and a removable and washable lining.


With its aerodynamic design and integrated sun visor, it offers comfort and convenience for riders.


Is The Shark Evo One 2 Helmet Suitable For Long Rides?


Yes, the Shark Evo One 2 helmet is suitable for long rides. It is designed with rider comfort in mind, featuring a lightweight shell, multiple ventilation points, and a removable and washable lining. The adjustable chin strap and ergonomic fit ensure a secure and comfortable fit during extended rides.


How Does The Shark Evo One 2 Helmet Provide Safety?


The Shark Evo One 2 helmet is built for safety. It is constructed with a lightweight yet sturdy shell that offers superior impact absorption. The helmet also features a quick-release visor system, an integrated sun visor, and reflective details for enhanced visibility.


Additionally, it meets the highest safety standards, including ECE 22. 05 certification.


Can I Use The Shark Evo One 2 Helmet With Glasses?


Yes, the Shark Evo One 2 helmet is designed to accommodate riders who wear glasses. It features a spacious interior with ample room for eyeglasses or sunglasses. The helmet’s comfortable fit and adjustable chin strap ensure that glasses can be worn without discomfort or interference.




The Shark Evo One 2 helmet offers impressive features and innovative design for motorcycle enthusiasts. With its versatility and convenient flip-up design, it provides a comfortable and safe riding experience. The helmet’s aerodynamic shell and advanced ventilation system ensure maximum protection and airflow.


Its sleek aesthetics and reliable performance make it a top choice for riders seeking quality and style.

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